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Cake Pops

June 15, 2010

Since I am a very symmetrical person, when I made the red velvet cheesecake I had to have it start and end with red velvet (i.e. it couldn’t start with a red velvet layer and end with a cheesecake layer…weird I know). Therefore I had half of a red velvet cake leftover and extra cream cheese frosting. What do you do with extra red velvet cake? Make them into cake pops! I have wanted to try this as I see them on baking blogs all the time. Let me be the first to say they are not as easy as they look! I think it would have helped if I actually had the lollipop stick, but I didn’t waste my time with that since I was just experimenting.

It appears the pros use candy melts or chocolate bark for the coating, but I melted some white chocolate chips (and had the first batch seize up on me…warning don’t overheat your chocolate!). I took the layer of cake I had leftover, crumbled it up and stirred in extra cream cheese frosting until it was moist and able to be shaped. An actual recipe for this I believes calls for one cake and one store-bought frosting container (or the equivalent amount of homemade frosting).

Once I had my cake balls shaped, I refrigerated them for a little while as they would probably break apart when dipping otherwise.

I then started dipping them in the chocolate, and this is when I realized it would be much better to have the lollipop sticks. I ended up using toothpicks to help, and then just placed them in mini cupcake liners to harden. This is a method you can easily experiment with and figure out what works for you. Here are the instructions that Bakerella gives on her website…she is the Queen of cake pops!

I can’t wait to try these again and make them prettier!

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